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Corporate Sustainability

Environmental Policy

Our commitment to the environment originates from the corporate concern for the environment and society. Experis considers climate change to be a potential threat affecting vulnerable communities and the society at large.

We are in the business of providing IT solutions and services. Our environmental impacts result from our business operations through the services and solutions that we provide our customers with. We are committed to continuously benchmarking and enhancing our own environmental performance through the reduction of our carbon and ecological footprints with the involvement of our business associates and partners.

Our Environmental Policy: Experis is committed to reducing its environmental impact and continually improving its environmental performance as an integral and fundamental part of Experis business strategy and operating methods.

We aim to fulfill our environmental commitments ensuring

Integrate energy and environmental considerations in our infrastructural facilities

Enhance resource efficiency in operations, especially for energy and water

Adopt "3-R" (reduce, reuse and recycle) philosophy for all types of wastes

Promote "green procurement"

Manage and control objectives and targets on an ongoing basis

Continue public reporting of our environmental performance

Communicate the environmental policy to all employees, business associates and other stakeholders (key suppliers)

Review the environmental policy and allied management systems periodically

Waste Reduction Policy

At Experis, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations through ongoing material management. This calls for a focused effort in the following areas:

  • Reduction of waste at source
  • Printing documents (encouraging both side printing)
    Use of e-mail whenever appropriate
    Giving preferential purchasing consideration to products that are reusable and recyclable
  • Reuse of material wherever possible
  • All materials must be reused wherever possible.

  • Recycling
  • It is the responsibility of every employee to separate identified recyclable materials and place them in appropriate recycling containers (like printing paper where re-printing is possible)

  • Purchasing products with recycled content
  • All offices across Experis must purchase and use products manufactured from recycled materials whenever feasible.

Green Procurement Policy

As a part of Experis commitment to improve the environment, this policy seeks to reduce the environment impacts of our operations by integrating “environment performance considerations” in the procurement process.

A few ways to go by

  • Within Experis
  • Experis shall encourage and prefer eco-friendly products, which are more power efficient.
    Experis shall encourage and prefer suppliers who use recycled packaging material.
    For software products, the preferred mode of delivery shall be through the electronic method (download).
  • With key suppliers of Experis
  • Green Supply Chain: We hope to maximize the benefits by encouraging our suppliers to adopt Experis environment practices.

Focus Areas

Promoting procurement from Energy Star equipments for infrastructure and development

Procurement of low-energy consumption desktop configuration

Procurement of blade servers

Auto shut off of work stations and equipments at preset time

Eco-friendly procurement considerations for consumables