Managed Services

Infrastructure Managed Services

Infrastructure Managed Services

Experis offers complete storage management solutions covering the entire life cycle of primary and secondary storage. The Services are offered with guaranteed Service levels in a Global delivery model aligned with ITIL framework of best practices covering all aspects of service support and service delivery. We are vendor agnostic, focusing on process oriented approach. We use cutting edge transformational themes like De-duplication Storage, Tiered Storage to increase ROI & reduce TCO, Virtualization etc.

Buyer's value drivers

Optimize Backup and Storage IT Infrastructure & reduce Operational Costs

Backup and Storage consolidation

Improve ROI

Metrics for success

Business Availability

Time to market

Operational efficiency

MTTR for critical incidents

High availability/DR- RTO and RPO

Storage Utilization


Experis is engaged with several IT giants in 24/7 infrastructure support services that include providing L1/L2 support for backup solution and storage management. Our uniquely designed data centers provide security, physical environment, and networking capability which support even the most mission-critical and complex applications. This addresses organizational needs in terms of Hosting, Consolidation, Virtualization, Business Continuity Planning, Cloud Computing and Mainframe services.

Our Data Center Platform includes:

Server / OS Management

Database Management

Middleware Management

Storage Management

Production Operations

Mainframe Services