Bridging the gender gap in tech industry

The persistent gender gap in the tech sector has been concerning ever since it got prominence. And its not just India, but a global issue. Women representation in the tech industry in less than 27% for various reasons including but not limited to the gender pay gap, lack of similar opportunities as compared to their counter parts, sexism and harassment. It is more a reflection of broader societal challenges rather than just an isolated industrial issue. Addressing this requires extensive collaboration across all sectors of society to ensure a fair representation of women in the tech workforce.

Corporates can play a vital role in changing the equation. Conscious efforts in bringing parity whether in pay scales or growth opportunities, creating women tech communities to highlight issues, developing role models within the organization or industry for women to relate to are some of the steps that vital to encourage women in the tech world. Gender Diversity in the tech companies and department should have the maximum weightage for a talent acquisition head. Establishing clear targets for women representation across all levels, especially in executive and leadership positions, is key.

At the policy level, organizations must cultivate a supportive environment for women employees. Initiatives like flexi work arrangements, parental leave and reward and recognition in special categories will reduce the entry barriers for women. Efforts to address unconscious bias are essential to empower women leaders and nurture a thriving female workforce in the tech industry.

Once the above is implemented and there is positivity with more and more role models emerging, early interventions, as early as high school, may help in boosting women participation. Providing girls with equal access to STEM education and training from an early age is fundamental. The government can play a major role by subsidizing it for women. Initiatives like scholarships, mentorship programs, and outreach efforts can inspire girls to pursue tech-related subjects, laying the foundation in middle school and beyond.

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