Project Solutions

System Implementation

System Implementation

Experis provides widely proven intelligent security solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to respond effectively to the dynamic pace of today's sophisticated application-driven and network-level threats.

Experis provides intelligent desktop, web and perimeter security and offers widely-proven technologies in firewalls, anti-spam systems and network security systems along with best practices, to secure a client’s technology assets.

The company’s security solutions come with the most adaptive inspection technology and effective management capabilities, providing complete protection.

Experis - Managing your IT infrastructure, ensuring business continuity

As data retention and storage demands continue to grow, there is an increasing need for resilient storage infrastructure to support business-on-demand. At Experis, we offer a comprehensive, flexible storage software solution to assist enterprises address storage management challenges. We fully automate the IT processes for planning, justifying, and managing appropriate resource levels. The Company works on market proven technologies which manage heterogeneous environments over multiple devices in medium to large networks. 

We implement storage solutions for LAN, SAN and NAS infrastructures which include database applications, ERP systems and messaging servers.

Experis’s messaging and collaborative services add value

Today, electronic messaging is an integral, mission-critical business service. Hence, a robust and supportable messaging infrastructure is critical for delivering people connectivity service levels that meet business requirements demanded by today’s enterprises.

Experis offers a state-of-the-art messaging service to organizations that rely significantly on messaging-enabled groupware applications and infrastructure. Experts here work on proven technologies which extend simple messaging all the way to groupware, including corporate instant messaging and team collaboration tools.